Saturday, March 8, 2008

The internets are be stupid sometimes.

Seriously, the google widget "How to of the Day" is stupid most of the time. How to drink a coconut? Seriously?

I want more how to stuff that would make my life easier.

How to have an orgasm by only using your mind.

How to teach your body what food to digest calories and sodium and fat from. ( I would love to be able to eat hot wings all day and not gain any weight or have my blood pressure skyrocket.)

How to not kick people in the teeth when they say something stupid.

How to win the lottery without wasting your own hard earned money on lottery tickets.

How to form a healthy and satisfying sexually addictive relationship with your favorite British male actor that plays an American on a popular television show that will remain nameless. Essentially, how to get him addicted to your sweet, sweet vagina and all its powerful loveliness.

How to get away with murder.

You know, The important stuff.


Bellesouth said...

I want a fiber-rich, fat-free piece of pizza. that doesn't taste like cardboard or ass.

ruby42 said...

I want tasty chocolate that makes you lose weight when you eat it and for that Jared dude from Subway to get beat up by the Keebler elves.

Stikki K. said...

Yeah seriously. How do you lose weight on an all-hoagie diet?

Welcome to blogger! Why the switch?

fondfire said...

Wow, the flirty-kid profile pic is wicked seventies . . .

You're everywhere on these Internets, dah'lin'!!!